Monica Lewinsky

White House Trailer Trash Soap Opera

Starring Smucko, Booba and That Woman

A Right Wing Conspiracy Plan
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(May 26, 1999)

4 Years and $40,000,000

Give That Women, Ms. Lewinsky, a Cigar.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Editoral

White House Intern Employment Application

Application for a White House Internship

President Clinton's Deposition by Dr. Seuss


Monica Be Nude

Monica Lewinsky's Grand Jury Testimony

Monica Sings for the Prosecution

A President In Love
Tasteless Songs for sensitive People

It's the grand jury and I'll lie if I want to
Tasteless Songs for sensitive People

Apologies to the Beatles, Eleanor Rigby, Father McKenzie and music lovers everywhere.

Since Monica Lewinsky only said, "a high government official." Not only is the FBI checking Monica's clothes for DNA evidence but also splinters. -- That's an Al Gore joke folks.

Has anyone asked where Al Gore was when Michael Kennedy and Sonny Bono died? Hell, has anyone asked where Ted Kennedy was when Princess Di was driven home?

You can bet Clinton wishes he'd buried Monica Lewinsky in Arlington instead of Larry Lawrence.

Hillary blames scandal on "vast right-wing conspiracy." "Vast left-wing conspiracy" agrees. The Illuminuti abstains. Space aliens from Roswell were unavailable for comment.

Dick Morris suggested Bill and Hillary have the same taste in sex partners. I wonder who gets first pick of the White House interns?

Official "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" alert: We no longer support the theory that Hillary had an affair with Vince Foster. It's Janet Reno. Pass the word.

When the Pope heard the details of the latest Clinton scandal, he suggested maintaining the US embargo against Cuba until the next election.

Leon Panetta told reporters he didn't know what Monica Lewinsky was doing when she wasn't under his desk.

OSHA officials agreed that a "Welcome" mat under the president's desk could replace the requirement that all White House personnel wear kneepads.

In his "State of the Union" speech, Clinton announced that the minimum wage for White House interns will be raised to $69 per hour and all dry cleaning expenses will be covered.

Tips for White House interns: Vaseline helps maintain the vacuum. That's both ears and lips.

Official "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" alert: "Loose Lips Sink Ships of State."

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