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Web Surfers Report 9:30PM 8/6/95

This weeks adventure: The New Mother Board.

NCA's selling a NextGen 586 CPU, mother board and 256K cache for $299. After the manditory returning of the item, Mr. Bill got it working by replacing the Black Widow ISA video board from Spider Graphics. The Colorado 350 tape drive is running at 6-7 Meg/Min. after a few random changes to the BIOS settings.

Now for the results of this new Netscape platform:

OUT of BAND EXPERIENCE=KINGS OF FEEDBACK - when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S. Thompson

GameKeep BBS - nice looking home page, with links to web resources. Browser, editor, etc.

Original Fairy Tales - The original source for some Disney cartoons.

Books On-line: Titles - List of on-line books.

Jessica Rabbit - See the forbidden scenes.

A couple of playmate sites:

Playboy's Playmates - index of playboy playmates (recent).

Playmates etc. Home Page - What ever happened to the previous playmates?

Tried of cut and paste? Just save the following and open it with your web browser.

If you want 1) future Web Surfer Reports in HTML format, 2) reports as is, 3) someone added to the mailing list or 4) to stop getting this silly thing send e-mail to The Silver Surfer.

Web Surfers Report 7/29/95

Got up this morning and watched two episodes of Reboot. Tried to record C|Net Central but the VCR's tuner was set to normal not CATV.

John send some E-mail. Seems he's testing his new Hooked account. Jim's also working on his SLIP account with The Well. The Silver Surfer also got E-mail from Yahoo. They are beta testing a new look.

I just got over another birthday. Also found Britannica's Lives - Biographies by date. As a government service, DMV makes some birthdays unforgetable. Well, forget that. This is a story about Area 51.

I was taking the new Netscape 1.2 Beta 3 for a test spin when I found an aerial view of Area 51. The picture gives the location of Area 51 as lat: N 37 14.66 lon: W 115 47.61. This seemed like an interesting test for an online map service. TIGER Mapping Service showed only a purple display. With a little work, we have an image with Area 51 as an unmapped purple area. Area 51 has a newsgroup - alt.conspiracy.area51.

As long as I'm not talking about the DMV here's the drunk browsing test.

Late breaking news: They discovered the missing link. Little Foot. Just spotted this in comp.infosystems.www.announce Club Centerfolds: Home Page. I couldn't resist adding this URL: Sex Research Banned by the Nazis.

Feeling a little home sick. The Best Of The Colorado Web

The Silver Surfer.

Preview from the next report? Maybe...

Just the thought of dealing to DMV put me a catatonic state for 12 hours. After some gentle coaxing with a cattle prod, I was ready to face my fate.

Web Surfers Report 11:49PM 7/23/95

Just a quick note to let you know I'm still alive.

WWW Viewer Test Page - Nice test page to get all your external viewers working.
Green Eggs Report - URL's found in UseNet News Groups.
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software - Looks like a place to checkout for more winsock software.
United Media - links to the comic strip /comics, The Dilbert Zone /dilbert, the inkwell /inkwell and DR Fun /drfun
Adults Only - looks like adult reading material.

Maybe later I'll have time to go into my adventures with DMV. I've been reading the driver's manual. Well anyway I'll sign off with Looney Tunes Sounds - nice sound clips.
For the time being... ...The Silver Surfer...

Web Surfers Report 6/25/95 - Sent: 07:53 PM 7/15/95

This weekend has been spend trying to install Fry's $79.99 NEC IDE CD-ROM. It comes with no cables, no documentation, no jumpers and one floppy. After 4 hours: I've disconnected my second hard drive. Changed lots of drive letters. Jumpered the CD-ROM drive as a slave (with my own jumper). Setup the CMOS with no D drive. Setup the IDE controller with no D drive. Installed drivers from the floppy. Now I can issue a DIR to the CD-ROM drive. Two hours later, CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT hacked to hell and back. The drive still gives not ready in the middle of copy commands. Back to Fry's. Exchange the drive. Back home. Install the new drive. Press the eject button. NOTHING! No open. No lights. No nothing.
The PC's sitting in the middle of the floor looking like something out of "The Operation" on The Learning Channel but it still has enough life for the Web Surfers Report.

This is (maybe?) a Pogo home page. Better hurry, they want your vote by June 15 (Oops!).
World of Escher - for all the Escher fans out there. Art and more. - Service to return a random URL. - Also has a "What's on Tonight!" service. - Interesting What's New page for TV stuff on the net. - looks interesting - they have coming events data for browsing. - another link for the kids.
How to Keep Current - This looks like an addition to the What's New list. - nice list of winsock viewers. - IBM's VM Operating System Home Page.
Hey, one of us has a home page beyond the firewall. Guy's Test HTML file - Guy's Test Home Page
Someone else is using "The Silver Surfer". THE SILVER SURFER's Home Page
Sorry, I'm running a little late.

Web Surfers Report - 06:15 PM Sunday, June 19, 1995

I spend the weekend writing Rexx programs to organize my URL's. I've got a 1.1M HTML file soon to go on-line. Anyway, today we have:

Graph of Network General Corp (NETG) - The Experimental Stock Market Data Server is a service of the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. With a little hacking, you should be able to get your company's graph. Autopilot - Surf the Web with no hands. (Did I sent this before?) Spencer Katt comic strip - a little gates humor (a large image). Check out the other directories for articles and other magazines. PC Week - PC Week is online. Stupid Net Tricks - Stupid is as stupid does. - The simpsons are on the net. Who shot Mr. Burns. Video Search - A new video tape search to add to the list of search engines. LookUP! - New user lookup. Still free. Gopher Menu - veronica servers (More search engines). Strange Brew - Adult! - X-rated links with x-rated wallpaper.

Web Surfers Report - 04:10 PM Sunday, June 11, 1995

After no less than 5 installs, I think I've got Windows 95 somewhat usable.That is Netscape was working until this morning. Oh well, enough of my problems. On to the list.

ESPNET SportsZone - ESPN is on the Net.

The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot! - looks like something to watch links for me.

Penhouse Interactive Virtual Photo Shoot - URL's for the clips, and

Custom Made Excuses - Need an excuse quick? A little better than the dog eat my home work.

Microsoft win32s Upgrade -- Version 1.25A 5/18/95 S15291

Why Bill Gates is Richer than You - Some Net humor about Bill Gates.

Index of /pub/ddj - Doctor Dobb's Journel

The ETEXT Archives - An independent archive of electronic texts since 1992.

Local Stuff! - A resource for creating your own home page and running your own server.

Yahoo - Entertainment:Movies and Films:Titles:Lion King, The - The kids still into the Lion King? Pointers to a few sites around the Net.

Magical Secrets - Cute magic trick.


Not much I can report today. I've been playing with OS/2 and Windows 95 and crushed my hard disk in the process. So special thanks to Jeff for finding a Web site that's a report all by its self.

The Asylum: Old Rev Door URL's - A large collection of links to everywhere.

11:08 AM 5/30/95

I spend the entire weekend upgrading hard drives. So let's see what I can throw together at the last minute.

Reality Web Site Design - Not sure where is came from but it's kind of interesting.

Stereograms - Magic Eye pictures. Good!

Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection - It still amazes me that people can make pictures out of ASCII characters.

NetCreations, Inc - check out these services.

Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator - Got a gripe? Let the computer air it for you.

The Postcard Store - looks like a bit of fun.

Johan Alkerstedt - The Idiots Handbook of Love & Sex

The PM Zone - Popular Mechanics is online. Topics include Web Surfers Toolkit and Movie of the Week.

IgLou Member's Home Pages - Fresh surfing ground. Just found this tonight.

Sun May 21 15:53:13 1995

Tom Brokaw/Bill Gates Interview - The interview aired May 26th but is online now. Includes video and audio clips.

Sun May 21 08:40:23 1995

Just a few points of possible interest:

The Macabre Gallery
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page (New version 05/02/95)
For any Apple fans.
Welcome to the Doug Filer's home page of HORROR!
The Webster's Dictionary online.
A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
Newspapers and Journalism Links
Cyberview 3D Document Generator. A semi-3D experience.
The Virtual Reference Desk (May-12-95)
This is the Worst. Be in the know about the worst of Web.
B1FF#S K3WL H0M3 PAG3!!! Someone else believes this is the worst.

Thu May 18 18:58:57 1995

Some Super Model suggestions from John:
Lost? Try a map.
The Hypertext Bible [KJV]
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
SurfWatch Home Page - Want to censor your employees, children, self:
Marble Solitaire by Gid - Like anyone needs another way to kill time on the net.
Everything you want to know about Tao Jianhuim - great picture of great wall
The Indiana Jones WWW Page
Robert Tilton from the Tilton Hilton - If you like this guy, you won't like these pic's. If you don't, you may. If don't know him, you probably won't care.
Today's Computer Cartoon - ending with a little Net Humor:

Fri May 12 21:07:22 1995

This Web Surfers Report is decicated to memory of our recently departed local access to the Usenet Newsgroup formally known as It was a fine newsgroup group and we will surely miss it.

First, the best of NET.

Next let's see what I have laying around.
Not truely erotica but a student was censored for it.
Shutdown but you may find some interesting links.
Erotica/Hentai/Ecchi Anime By Acid Junkie.
Nude cartoon.
Some entries I found for this report.
The Prurient Homepage.
Naughty Sound Bites.
Fine Art Erotica Fantasy.
Love, Sex and Marriage - Erotica.
And needing no introduction. (,

From: John.Hix
Subject: just for grins
If you like Krissy Taylor.....she now has her own home page........ in full living color.
Tame....but Nice......

To make sure you get a least one good picture.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Random Site In The Web

Well the Silver Surfer is off to work on a HTML Mother's Day card.
<=Happy Surfing=>

Thu May 11 20:54:22 1995

This one link is more than a Web Surfers Report by its self:

Surf's Up. The Silver Surfer.

Wed May 10 22:03:07 1995

Just a quick note tonight. I'm surfing down a couple of requests and it's keeping kind of busy.

List of 101 URL's by access count
Encoded articles of alt.binaries.multimedia
Remember Bazooka Joe?
This Week In Bible Prophecy Who isn't on the net?
VIEW INTRO PAGE Trying to simulate 3D. Don't try this on a 14.4K modem.
NCA, a local computer store is in the web:
How to make an atomic bomb
CyberKids Home

02:21 PM 4/7/95

A random URL.

Bill Becker found a new home page.

I've spend most of my time working on HTML pages. So here are the results. My basic homepage, Allie's homepage and the Web Surfers URL list. At two weeks, Allie (my grandson) may be the youngest surfer on the net. These pages are on my home PC and available only weekends and evening. Sorry, they are also behind the Amdahl firewall. The Web Surfers URL List is also available on my PC at work. Otherwise E-mail me and I'll send you a copy.

John passed this on from C|net on-line:

Screen savers featured in last week's episode:

Must-see satellite weather photos mentioned Episode 1:

And our URL, in case you forgot, is

John also found this FTP site. It contains some interesting ZIP files for PC/Windows.... Chameleon, newsreaders, etc. etc.

Read about Bubba in the Mecury News today. Went I went surfing for it I found a bunch of people wishing me Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Moved on to Animaniacs grabbed a sound byte. It's AU format but no problem. WHAM will play it and SOX will convert it to WAV. I backed out into a mall and ran into Bubba Brand (tm) Gourmet Foods. Leaving the mall I found the bubba T-shirt collection. Fleeing for my life, I ran into Jeff "The Axe Murderer" Robertson's Homepage complete with picture. "Look at da pritty pitchures!" he said, but I backed away without making eye contact. The network drops me. The next thing I know, I'm reading about Pete Eckenrod's friend Perry. He's pointing to a weather map, Star Trek , star wars and Wit for software. The Silver Surfer finally washed ashore in a foriegn land.

Thanks to Jeff the list won't be short tonight.

Men's Issues. Good thing there aren't any women on this list.

Vortex Technology

Anybody into programming? Check out this free compiler list. Mostly UNIX.

Mircosoft Internet Assistant. It's an HTML editor (looks good) and Web browser (don't erase Netscape).

That's it. I send the night working on my lastest grandson's homepage. More news to follow. The Silver Surfer

Rob's Multimedia Lab (RML) has a nice collection of movies, pictures and stuff. He also has Far side cartoons.

The complete Internet beginner's guide

A weekly TV series on the Internet. Going to need a fast link for this one.

[Talker]Welcome to Talker, the World Wide Web's premier real time chat system.

The backlot. Backstage at the movies. Yes, try to bluff the guard.

List and review of browsers, news readers and more.

Our free local computer magazine, Computer Currents is in the web.

Random Quotes has links to most of the net quote servers.

The USA CityLink Project is the place to go if you just want to bounce around the country.

Hey, the stick (StorageTek) has a real homepage.

A beta web browser, Internetworks, the ulimate surfboard, is a 2.2M download.

Also found about 22 quicktime clips at the Star Wars Multimedia Archive. They range from 2 to 25M.

The University of Kansas has let mkennedy into the web. He's got some interesting links.

Netscape 1.1N (non-beta) is available at or I also have a copy at work and home.


Today we have the best of the Hubble Space Telescope pictures.

Tired of the 8 ball running your life? Try horoscope it has nice wallpaper.

Need some time off? Visit Washington D.C. This information map has hot links to information on some of the more famous sites around Washington D.C.

Zoom in from the sky with these Multi-Scale Maps. It's better than it sounds.

This is an introduction to Ancient Greek Mythology. It combines information

from a number of sources and attempts to be a comprehensive referance work.

Stupid netscape tricks. Only of interest if your working on your own home page.

If your interested in online news, this URL has a lot of links.

And some they missed: The Electronic Telegraph, The North Shore News, "Canadian Perspective on Clinton", Learned NewsWire 1.6, Eye

Basic Surfing Sites


Internet Works


Netscape:What's New! What's Cool! Handbook Net Search Net Diretory


Now for some general surfing hints: There's movies and MGM. We have TV and commericals. Dave Barry will make you laugh. You can find pictures pretty and dirty.

And don't forget the Usenet Newsgroups: alt.culture.www, comp.infosystems.www, comp.infosystems.www.* and a complete list of newsgroups.

July 31, 1995
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