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May 1, 2002: Next President of the United States?.

Operation: Rescue was Janet "Shake and Bake" Reno's plan (but telepathically approved sight unseen by Bill "the Buck Stopped There" Clinton) to reunite Elian Gonzalez with his father in Maryland (or his mother in the belly of a shark.) The military precision and discipline required for over 150 of Reno's Raiders, armed only with HK MP-5 9MM submachine guns, sidearms, stun-grenades, body armor, hard-encrypted combat communications gear and poison pills (in the event of capture by the media) to defeat, with only minor casualties (a few photos on the AP wire service,) almost a dozen unarmed civilians in a residential dwelling heavy fortified by chain-link fence will go down in the annals of history with the Titanic, the Hindenberg and that little short guy at Waterloo.

  What with losing Princess (or Lady, if you're from that side of the relm) Di, Mother Teresa, John Denver, Sonny Bono and Red Skelton -- All good people good for a few laughs. What can we as individuals do? What individuals through out history have done when faced with the loss of a great person. Create tasteless jokes (and with modern techology, fake pictures.) So with no further ado, I present ...

The Clinton Blues

a screen saver satire

  Al Gore runs into the Oval Office and asks Clinton, "Did you leave a really ugly penguin parked in the White House driveway?"
  Clinton calms him down and explains, "No, no, no, there aren't any penguins around here. Don't worry about it. Just don't inhale."
  Al claws his way under Clinton's desk and cries, "Boss, you don't understand! I've run over Mother Teresa."
  Clinton thinks a moment before explaining his plan. "No problem.  We'll put her on ice for a few days then ask Ted to give her a ride home."

The Ken Starr Report

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Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, DC.

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"After the election,
I can do this to
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"God, I wish
these were real."

"Hurry up! I've got
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scheduled in five minutes."

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Practicing for new job.

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March 22, 1998

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