You are a fucking liberal if ...

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You may have noticed from the title this is not a happy page. This is a page of anger and hate. Like the anger and hate free men felt for Hitler in World War II. Like the anger and hate free men felt for the Soviet Union during the cold war. Like the anger and hate free men feel for Red China today.

If the very words anger and hate send you running for your politically correct instructor then this page isn't for you. This page is for those see no real different between cancer and Liberalism.

This planet is plagued by a hideous cancer. It has been called Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism and Socialism. Today this hideous mental virus is calling itself Liberalism.

If you think Liberalism is some kind of dangerous drug put on this planet to destroy us all, you may have come to the right place.

I apologize to any rational free thinking human being who may have found this page. I'm just fed up with a liberal local newspaper telling me higher taxes will fix our corrupt government. The evening network news telling me the President's criminal enterprises are not important. James Carville telling me Ken Starr is an out-of-control space alien trying to sell cigarettes to my kids. If I want someone to blow smoke up my ass, I'll go down to the "red light district" and hire a good looking professional. -- That's not to say any of the above are not professional whores.

With that said, the following is meant to be mean-spirited and politically incorrect. If any humor is present, it is purely coincidental. This is a wake up call for the swine. They can run but they can't hide.

Just in case that hasn't weeded out all the fucking liberals, I'll take a few more cheap shots.

  When asked if you're a liberal, you reply you don't like labels.
  You believe man is the only creature that has wars.
  Giving away other peoples money makes you feel good.
  Hanoi Jane is a fucking whore who should have been tried for treason.
  You are against school vouchers but have never set foot in a public school.
  You live in gated communities with armed security guards but want to take away my guns.
  Liberals are those people that can't get it though their fat fucking skulls that Hitler rose to power on the backs of environmentalists, the "it's for the children" crowd and gun banners.
  What do you call a politician who says he will raise taxes?
A loser!
  What do you call a politician who says he won't raise taxes and does?
A liberal or George Bush.

Liberals are to real people like shadows on a wall. They are only form without substance. They don't live lifes. They follow scripts. Without TV network news and the New York Times, these poor useless bastards wouldn't even know what to think.

They will side with a serial killer because he had a bad childhood. They believe the Law of Gravity punishes poor people. Like the cockroaches that invade your kitchen at night, they fear the light of Truth.

Liberals are like the poison in Snow White's apple; the crud you find between your toes after a 10 mile march; the neighbor's dog barking at 3AM; crab grass; dog shit you step in; something you don't want, don't need and will kill you if don't figure out how to stomp them out of existence like the little piss-ants they are.

The next time you meet a liberal that doesn't have his head up his ass help him put it back in. It's the only way to shut them up (or at least muffle the noise.)

This week they're all talking like James Carville. Maybe next week they'll shave their fucking heads.

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If you have any doubt that liberals are useless swine, check out these wastes of bandwidth.

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Democrats piss me off!

July 24, 1998
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