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They came, they worked, and or they left.

Andor was yet another of those failed noble adventures. The best of people got together for the best of purposes. In the end, it was just another Chapter 11 company. The best thing that came out of it was a T-shirt and a few friends.

I barely survived the Andor fiasco!

The Andor Curse

Let us not forget The Curse of Andor. Anyone trying to build a Legacy series Cache-exchange is doomed to wander the face of the Earth testing Dual Copy until the end of time. The curse can only be removed by

Did he mean the curse can be removed by Arrrgh...?
No, I think he died while typing it and typed Arrrgh... as he fell from his chair.
No, he signed it. Arrrgh... wrote this warning for us.
No, you're all wrong. It's a sign from the god Arrrgh... to build a cache-exchanger.
A cash changer?

And so it begins, again!

The X-Andorian Roll Call:

NameE-MailHome Page
Gene Amdahl

Delaine Amdahl DelaineA@aol.com
Eric Anderson eric@cdatas.com
Steve Anderes

Bill Becker wpb@jps.net
Tom Belligan tbjints@gmail.com
Jim Bergsten jim@thebergstens.com Bergsten's Real Home Page
Pat Bodreau

Jim Bodwin Bodwin@Netcom.com
Beth (Bonelli) Maasberg

Bill Brest

Michael Brna andor.5.mbrna@xoxy.net
Scot Brooksby Scot Brooksby <sbrooksby@S-VISION.com>
Duane Brown Brown@MMS.com
Bob Bruce

Lisa Buck

Wilton Byrum wilton.byrum@pobox.com Byrum.Org
Nicole (Chadez) Swindell NCSwindell@nc.rr.com
John Chan bosco@hkabc.net
Allen Chang

Catherine Chen catherin@rambus.com
Mike Chenery "Chenery, Mike" <mchenery@fcpa.fujitsu.com>
Jimmy Chiu

Jerry Clay

Kristy Cook

Jake Delano djake333@mac.com
Ross Deleone

Geoff Doy mailto:geoffrey.w.doy@comcast.net geoffrey.w.doy@comcast.net
Len Duncan

Jim Dutton

Bill Ehrman wde00@amail.amdahl.com
Dave Erme

Dean Falkenberg deanf@cisco.com
Ben George

Mark Golkar

Paul Gorlinsky

Dean Herr

Dean Huang

Maynard Hungerholt mhungerh@cisco.com
Sayed Hussain

Steve Hwang

Bob Jackson bobjamie@pacbell.net
Sandi Johnson sjohnson@zitel.com
LuRhe Kerkhof (Streb) Streb2@pacbell.net
Dave King King_david@isus.emc.com
Tom Kluska tomkluska@worldnet.att.net
Bob Knuckles

Yale Landsberg yalel@iop.com
Larry Lomelino llomelino@bangate.compaq.com
Sheri Lomelino

Chris Manton CManton@boxster.mfg.sgi.com Chris Manton's Homepage
Bill Morgan

Martha Morvec Martha@rendition.com
Jennie Murphy

Bill Nadzam nadzam@garlic.com
Anne Ng AnneNg@aol.com
Armando Palomar armando@cdatas.com
Kathy Patterson kathysown@sbcglobal.net
Laura Perrone laura@rendition.com
Chip Pessa

Dick Piehl dick@electrotek.com
Sharon (Popplewell) Root sharon@computermagictraining.com
Dave Reed

Charles Reinking charles@cdatas.com Back from the shadows again.
Joel Sarch joels@pobox.com
John Scherberger johns@cba.kodak.com
Terry Schmitt Home:da_coach@hotmail.com Work:terry@electrotek.com
Fritz Schneider Fritz@Peacham.com
Kurt Schwarz

Karen (Nelson) Shields kshields@ebay.com www.dogfriendlyrentalsllc.com
Jon Shiell Home:jshiell@ix.netcom.com
John Simmons john.simmons59@gmail.com
Mark Stecklair mark.stecklair@lsil.com
Larry Swindell LASwindell@nc.rr.com
Steve Taylor

Russ Tillman

Barbara Triolo btriolo@SPYRUS.com
Scott Walters

Lee Warner lee@relay.net
Guy Waters Guy@cdatas.com Guy's Home Page
Lynn Whitney LWhitney@corp.adaptec.com
Bob Wiggs bobwiggs@mediaone.net
Chris Wilson

Laurie Wilson

Walter Windus Home: wwindus@msn.com

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