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I got the statistics for my web site today.

For the month of December '97, the Three Stooges web pages received 11,411 hits and transfered 161,087,610 bytes.

Don't get me wrong here. I enjoy the support but to reduce the load on our http server, I'm reorganizing the web pages.

To your right, you will find links to local Three Stooges web pages.

...wtb... -

Moe Larry
Curly Shemp
Joe Curly Joe

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Three Stooges back on the air!

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They're Back

We can stop writing angry letters to the Family Channel. The Restless Knights, in the form of the American Movie Classics cable channel, have ridden to our rescue.

I could have hoped for a better time, 8AM Eastern (that's 5AM for us California Tax slaves) Saturday and Sunday morning, but anytime is better than no time at all.

Happy Viewing,
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